What Happens

First of all we need to take a comprehensive case history.

We will talk to you about the problem you are currently experiencing, when and how it started and any changes in your wellbeing since the onset of the problem. We will also ask you about your general health, any medication you take and about your past medical history. This allows us to build up the 'fullest' picture, looking not only at the symptoms, but also at your lifestyle etc. to establish why the problem has arisen.

To make a full diagnosis, your osteopath will need to carry out an examination of your body in order to evaluate your physical condition. It will be necessary for your osteopath to gently feel muscle tone and, if appropriate, test your reflexes or take your blood pressure as well as conducting an assessment of your posture and movement and the way in which your spine and other joints function.

Your osteopath will then discuss any findings with you and recommend treatment.

All the osteopaths at Back to Back are highly trained and use a wide range of osteopathic techniques to suit individual patient’s needs, ranging from the more traditional approaches, such as massage, articulation of joints and manipulative techniques to more subtle techniques. Typically, there is a gentle, but firm approach to treatment and although it may be a little uncomfortable, it is rarely painful.

What do I need to wear?

Usually you will need to get undressed down to your underwear, so please wear underwear in which you will feel comfortable. If this is a problem in any way, we can usually manage!