We offer something special at Back to Back

Our osteopaths use a broad range of osteopathic techniques, from the gentlest harmonic techniques to firmer manipulation and soft tissue techniques to suit the needs of the patient. Many of the practitioners are specially trained to also use western acupuncture to complement the osteopathic treatment. All the osteopaths have undertaken at least five years full training at accredited institutions and are full members of the General Osteopathic Council, the regulating body for all osteopaths.

Our patients are often self-referred or referred from nearby consultants or GPs and are looking for relief from the symptoms of a wide range of problems. These include back or neck pain, postural problems caused by work or pregnancy and sports related injuries.

To us, it is very important that acute injuries are seen promptly and given the appropriate care to avoid longer-term problems. We are very keen to give patients an understanding of their problem so that with corrective advice on exercise and posture, they are able to help prevent re-occurrence. When a full diagnosis has been reached, your osteopath will explain the problems to you before commencing treatment.

We encourage continuous practitioner development and offer in-house training with our Principle Osteopath, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience. The Principle Osteopath is also called upon to deal with complex cases and offer secondary opinions when needed.